Martin Hale

You will find your homework below:

- Do thorough research on countable and uncountable nouns and get ready to give a short presentation on the subject by Tuesday, Jan 26.

- Record the pronunciation section and submit the file via email by Sunday, Jan 24.

- Translate the MH32 list that you'll find here and submit it by Sunday, Jan 24, using the following link.

- Watch at least one episode of Lucifer or a different TV series of your choice by Tuesday, Jan 26.

You will find your recurring tasks below:

- Translate the sentences you will find in the Sentences (EN) section into Polish.

- Learn the sentences that you will find in the Sentences (EN) section by heart.

- Study the vocabulary in the Anki app every day.

You will useful advice below:

Damian Zawadzki Trening Językowy
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REGON 362254674