David Powers

You will find your homework below:

(A5712; Tuesday, Apr. 13) Watch at least 1 episode of a TV series.

(A5714; Saturday, Apr. 10) Translate the DP14 list that you'll find here and submit it using the following link.

(A6139; Friday, Apr. 9) Record the pronunciation section and send the file to the following email address: moj@treningjezykowy.online

(A7613; Tuesday, Apr. 13) Comment on the mistakes in your online notebook.

You will find your recurring tasks below:

- Translate the sentences you will find in the Sentences (EN) section into Polish.

- Learn the sentences that you will find in the Sentences (EN) section by heart.

- Study the vocabulary in the Anki app every day.

You will useful advice below:

Damian Zawadzki Trening Językowy
NIP 7732476680

REGON 362254674